Video: Estimating the Addition of Two Whole Numbers

Which number is nearest to 4877 + 3103? [A] 8000 [B] 6000 [C] 7000 [D] 10000 [E] 9000


Video Transcript

Which number is nearest to 4877 plus 3103? Is it 8000, 6000, 7000, 10000, or 9000?

The question is asking us to estimate 4877 plus 3103. Let’s start by rounding 4877 to the nearest thousand. Four is the thousands digit. And to decide which number to round to, we need to look to the digit to the right of the thousands digit. This is the hundreds digit. It’s an eight. Because the hundreds digit is greater than five, we need to round up to the next thousand, which is 5000.

Now, we can round 3103 to the nearest thousand. The thousands digit is the three. We need to look to the digit to the right, the hundreds digit, which is a one. Because one is less than five, we can round it down. 3103 rounded to the nearest thousand is 3000. 5000 plus 3000 gives us a total of 8000. The number which is nearest to 4877 plus 3103 is 8000. We rounded both numbers to the nearest thousand to calculate our estimate. Best estimate is 8000.

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