Lesson Worksheet: Scientific Notation Mathematics • 8th Grade

In this worksheet, we will practice expressing numbers in scientific notation and converting numbers between their normal and scientific forms.


Which of the following numbers is not in scientific notation?

  • A9.1×10
  • B0.57×10
  • C5×10
  • D7×10


Express 874,527,893 in scientific notation.

  • A8.74527893×10
  • B8.74527893×10
  • C8.74527893×10
  • D87.4527893×10
  • E0.874527893×10


Express 0.00447 in scientific notation.

  • A4.47×10
  • B4.47×10
  • C4.47×10
  • D4.47×10
  • E44.7×10


Express 3.06707×10 in normal form.


Given that 4,160,000=4.16×10, find the value of 𝑛.


Which of the following is the smallest?

  • A0.4×10
  • B0.7×10
  • C51.2×10
  • D51.2×10


The ship Titanic that sank in the Atlantic had a mass of about 47,450,000 kg. Which of the following could be used as an estimate for this value?

  • A5×10
  • B4×10
  • C4×10
  • D5×10
  • E5×10


Express 8,460,000,000 in the standard form 𝑎×10.

  • A0.846×10
  • B846×10
  • C8.46×10
  • D8.46×10


What is 40,000,000 written in scientific notation?

  • A40×10
  • B4×10
  • C4×10
  • D4×10
  • E40×10


There are approximately 200 million cows in India. Express this number in scientific notation.

  • A2×10
  • B2×10
  • C20×10
  • D2×10
  • E2×10

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