Worksheet: Charles' Law

In this worksheet, we will practice how to use the formula V/T = constant (Charles' Law) to calculate the volume or temperature of a gas that is heated or cooled at a constant pressure.


On a hot day, a party balloon is filled with helium. The following day is much colder, but the air pressure is the same. Assuming that no helium escapes from the balloon in that time, will the balloon have a larger volume than, a smaller volume than, or the same volume as that it had on the previous day?

  • AThe same volume
  • BA larger volume
  • CA smaller volume


The temperature of 4 m3 of gas is initially 320 K. The gas is heated while being kept at constant pressure. This causes the gas to expand. The gas is heated until it has a volume of 10 m3. What is the temperature of the gas after it is heated?

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