Lesson Worksheet: Volumes of Triangular and Quadrilateral Pyramids Mathematics • 8th Grade

In this worksheet, we will practice finding volumes of triangular or quadrilateral pyramids and solving problems including real-life situations.


Determine, to the nearest hundredth, the volume of the given pyramid.


Find the volume of the following regular pyramid rounded to the nearest hundredth.


Determine, to the nearest tenth, the volume of a square pyramid whose base length is 24 cm and slant height is 39 cm.


Find the volume of a right square pyramid whose height is 45 cm and base side length is 25 cm.


The triangle which forms the base of a triangular pyramid has a base of 9.5, and a height of 8. The height of the pyramid itself is 12.2. What is the volume of the pyramid to the nearest hundredth?


Find the height of a regular pyramid whose volume is 196 cm3 and base area is 42 cm2.


Given that a square pyramid has a volume of 372 cm3 and a height of 31 cm, determine the perimeter of its base.

  • A24 cm
  • B36 cm
  • C124 cm
  • D6 cm


Determine, to the nearest tenth, the volume of the given solid.


Find the volume of a pyramid that has a height of 9.1 yards and a square base of side 7.1 yards to the nearest hundredth.


Work out the volume of a square-based pyramid with a height of 4.5 inches and a base length of 2.3 inches. Give your solution as a fraction in its simplest form.

  • A1,86340in
  • B62140in
  • C1,587200in
  • D4,761200in
  • E6920in

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