Lesson Worksheet: Ways to Make 10 Mathematics • Kindergarten

In this worksheet, we will practice using objects and pictures to find different ways to make the number 10.


There are 10 rabbits in this field, but some are hiding. How many are hiding?


Elizabeth needs 10 presents to give to her friends. She has 7 presents. How many more presents does she need to buy?


Pick two of these numbers that make 10.

  • A8, 2
  • B5, 4
  • C5, 2


How many more owls do we need to make 10?


Which of the following are the correct numbers to make 10?

  • A2 and 7
  • B3 and 5
  • C4 and 6


Which of these is not a way to make 10?

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D


There are 10 butterflies flying in two groups. Find the missing number to make 10.


Isabella intends to collect 10 stamps. She has collected 1 so far. How many more stamps does she need?

  • A7 stamps
  • B8 stamps
  • C9 stamps


Look at the blocks. What number is missing?


Complete the following: 10 is 1 and .

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