Question Video: Ordering Rational Numbers from Least to Greatest Mathematics • 6th Grade

Arrange the following in ascending order: 0.2, −0.2, −2.3, 9, 2.


Video Transcript

Arrange the following in ascending order: 0.2, negative 0.2, negative 2.3, nine, two.

We know that ascending order means least to greatest. It might be helpful here for us to think of these values in terms of a number line. We know all the positive values will go to the right of zero and all the negative values will go to the left of zero. When we’re dealing with values that are negative, values to the left of zero, the larger they are, the further away from zero they will be. So negative 2.3 will be further away from zero than negative 0.2. So we would call negative 2.3 the least value.

After that would come negative 0.2. From here, we need to compare our positive values. The decimal value is the only value that’s less than one. So it would come next. And we know that two is smaller than nine. So we would write two and then nine. In ascending order, these values are negative 2.3, negative 0.2, 0.2, two, and nine.

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