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Learn and get access to an online educational platform with achievement-boosting analytical tools, a brilliant virtual classroom, and an ever-expanding set of outstanding learning resources.


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    Connect with your students through online sessions

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    Easily assign auto-marked homework, quizzes, and exams

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    Gain insights into the performance of your students

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    Speed up lesson preparation by using Nagwa content

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    Create your branded educational videos

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    Manage and share your own library of files

Customized Content

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Comes for Free with Nagwa Portals

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    Nagwa Connect for Students

    Connect with your educators through fun and interactive online sessions using Nagwa Connect for Students.

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    Nagwa Connect for Educators

    Use our digital whiteboard technology to connect with your students through online sessions.

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    Nagwa Studio

    A simple way to make and share your own beautiful educational videos with your students.

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    Nagwa Study

    Students complete auto-marked assessments, and watch videos to support their understanding of key topics.

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