Lesson Worksheet: Ratios Mathematics • 6th Grade

In this worksheet, we will practice using a ratio to describe the relationship between two quantities and using this to solve real-world problems.


Given that there are 50 boys and 20 girls in a class, calculate the ratio of the number of girls to boys in its simplest form.

  • A27
  • B52
  • C53
  • D25
  • E35


Complete the following: At an ice-cream shop, the ratio of small ice-cream cones sold to large ice-cream cones was 59. For every large ice-cream cones sold, there were small ice-cream cones sold.

  • A9, 14
  • B5, 9
  • C5, 14
  • D14, 5
  • E9, 5


If there are 8 tennis balls and 5 tennis rackets, which of the following statements is true?

  • AThe ratio of tennis balls to tennis rackets is 85.
  • BThe ratio of tennis balls to tennis rackets is 58.
  • CFor every 5 tennis balls, there are 8 tennis rackets.
  • DFor every 8 tennis rackets, there are 5 tennis balls.
  • EThe ratio of tennis balls to tennis rackets is 513.


What is the ratio between lengths 𝐴𝐶 and 𝐴𝐸 in its simplest form?

  • A12
  • B11
  • C34
  • D21


For every 7 bags, Emma has 5 pairs of shoes. What is the ratio of the bags to the total number of bags and shoes?

  • A712
  • B127
  • C75
  • D57
  • E512


Last year, the baseball team had 8 third-grade students and 7 fourth-grade students. What was the ratio of the fourth-grade students to third-grade students on the team?

  • A815
  • B78
  • C87
  • D715
  • E157


For every 3 male fish in a fishbowl, there are 7 females. What is the ratio of the male to female fish in the bowl?

  • A710
  • B73
  • C103
  • D310
  • E37


For every 4 regular sodas sold at a market, there are 2 diet sodas sold. What is the ratio of diet sodas sold to the total number of sodas sold?

  • A24
  • B26
  • C64
  • D46
  • E62


If the total number of boys and girls in a school is 595, where the number of boys is 384, find the ratio between the number of boys and the number of girls.

  • A211384
  • B595384
  • C384595
  • D211595
  • E384211


A musical note’s pitch is measured in hertz, which is the number of sound waves per second. If the ratio between the frequencies of two musical notes can be simplified, the two notes are said to be harmonic. If one note is 414 hertz and another note is 500 hertz, are these two notes harmonic? Also, determine the ratio between their frequencies as a fraction in the simplest form.

  • Ayes, 414500
  • Bno, 207250
  • Cno, 414500
  • Dyes, 207250
  • Eno, 500414

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