Worksheet: Earth and the Sun: Seasons

In this worksheet, we will practice observing that Earth's rotation and orbit of the Sun create discernible patterns at different times of the year, known as the seasons.


What is the main cause of the seasons?

  • AThe distance between the Sun and Earth changing
  • BThe tilt of Earth’s axis
  • CThe speed at which Earth rotates around the Sun
  • DThe speed at which Earth spins on its axis


Earth’s axis is tilted at an angle. The tilt causes light to hit Earth at different angles.

At any given moment, each half or hemisphere gets more or less sunlight than the other half.

Look closely at the diagram shown. What season is shown in the Northern Hemisphere?

  • AFall
  • BSummer
  • CSpring
  • DWinter


Which pole is pointed toward the Sun when the Northern Hemisphere is experiencing winter?

  • ANorth Pole
  • BSouth Pole
  • CThe equator
  • DEarth’s axis

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