Lesson Worksheet: Using Materials Science • 2nd Grade

In this worksheet, we will practice identifying and comparing materials in matter to determine their usefulness for certain purposes.


Fill in the blanks: and are two properties of wood.

  • AHard, rough
  • BRough, stretchy
  • CFlexible, soft


Mason was given a cardboard box, a paper bag, and a piece of leather to build a model airplane that can fly. Which of these materials should he use?

  • AThe cardboard box, because it is rigid and heavy
  • BThe piece of leather, because it is bendable and smooth
  • CThe paper bag, because it is flexible and light


A class tested different materials to see which were waterproof. They recorded their results in a table.


Use the table to identify which material would be best to make a waterproof jacket or a raincoat.

  • ACotton
  • BWool
  • CNylon
  • DRubber


In the classic story The Three Little Pigs, the three pigs used different materials to build their houses.

Which is the best material to use to make a strong house?

Hint: Which house was the wolf unable to blow down?

  • AStraw
  • BWood
  • CBrick


A class tested different materials (fabrics) to see which are waterproof. They used a dropper to squeeze 5 drops of water onto each piece of fabric and then observed if these drops were absorbed by the fabric.

Their results are shown in the table.

Type of Fabric Number of Drops on Top of the Fabric Is It Waterproof? (Yes/No)

Which material is the best to use to make a rain boot?

Hint: Use the table to help you.

  • AWool
  • BRubber
  • CNylon
  • DCotton


Which property is the most important when selecting a material to make a rain boot?

Pair of rain boots
  • AStrong
  • BAbsorbent
  • CWaterproof
  • DColorful


Wood is used for building houses. What other material can be used for building houses?

  • APaper
  • BSilk
  • CBrick


Three materials and their properties are provided.

Which of these materials is best for making a kite?

  • ACardboard
  • BAluminum foil
  • CNylon


Flexibility is how easily a material bends.

Which of the following objects is made of a flexible material?

  • A
  • B
  • C


True or False: All materials have the same properties and use.

  • ATrue
  • BFalse

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