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Worksheet: Applications of Using the Order of Operations


Suppose a group of friends orders 4 pizzas, 2 servings of garlic bread, and 5 servings of BBQ wings. Write an expression that can be used to find the amount of change they would receive from $85. Then calculate the amount of change.

ItemPizzaGarlic BreadBBQ Wings
  • A, $68
  • B, $52
  • C, $14
  • D, $36
  • E, $71


Write a numerical expression that represents the cube of the division of 18 by 6, and then calculate it.

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D
  • E


Judy is buying a cell phone, earphones, 5 screen protectors, and 7 stickers. Write an expression to represent the total cost. Then calculate how much Judy paid.

ItemCell PhoneEarphonesScreen ProtectorSticker
Unit Cost$182$20$3$2
  • A, $274
  • B, $302
  • C, $231
  • D, $207
  • E, $233


Lorraine goes to the library’s used books sale. Paperback books are sold for $16.50 each and hardback books for $33.00. If Lorraine buys 5 paperback books and 3 hardback books, how much will she spend?


David usually orders four hamburgers and a soda for lunch. If a hamburger costs $6, and a soda costs $3, write an expression to calculate the amount of money he paid for lunch, and then determine that amount.

  • A, $21
  • B, $33
  • C, $27
  • D, $9
  • E, $18


Cinema tickets cost $9.98 for adults and $4.00 for children. Write the expression that represents the total cost of 2 adults’ tickets and 6 children’s tickets. Then, find the total cost of the tickets.

  • A, $42.96
  • B, $51.88
  • C, $43.96
  • D, $4.04
  • E, $67.88


A store sells milk bottles for $9 and orange juice cartons for $3. If Heather bought 2 milk bottles and an orange juice carton, and Emma bought 3 milk bottles and 4 orange juice cartons, write the expression that represents the total amount the 2 women spent, and then find that amount.

  • A, $57
  • B, $60
  • C, $60
  • D, $66
  • E, $54


Elizabeth is making caramel-covered apples for 28 friends. She has covered 4 dozen apples so far, and wants to make enough so that each friend could have exactly 2 apples. Write an expression to calculate the number of apples she still needs to cover, and then evaluate it.

  • A, 52
  • B, 80
  • C, 8
  • D, 104
  • E, 32


A bookstore sells used books for $4.48 and new books for $6.57. Given that James buys 2 used books and 6 new books, write an expression to determine the total cost of the books, and then determine the cost, in dollars.

  • A, $47.38
  • B, $13.74
  • C, $48.38
  • D, $30.46
  • E, $40.02


Natalie has 5 nickels, 3 quarters, 2 dimes, and 6 pennies. How much money does she have? Use the dollar sign, $, to write the answer.


The expression represents the area of a triangle that has a height 23 units longer than its base. Given that is the length of the base, determine the area of a triangle with a base of 5 units.


When Michael was 14, his dad took him and his younger sister to a football match. The tickets were $29 for adults and $25 for children under 18 years. Write the expression that represents the total cost of the tickets, and then calculate it.

  • A, 112
  • B, 104
  • C, 79
  • D, 54
  • E, 83


An athlete in training cycles at 15 mph for 3 hours and then walks at 3 mph for another 3 hours. How far do they travel in total?


Jennifer is making earrings and bracelets for six of her friends. Given that each pair of earrings needs 15 centimeters of wire and each bracelet 4.5 centimeters, determine the total amount of wire needed.


A car is traveling at 40 miles per hour, and a train is traveling at 32 miles per hour in the same direction. How much farther than the train will the car have traveled after 2 hours?


A pizzeria charges $3.68 for a slice of pizza and $0.52 for extra toppings. Determine the cost of getting 150 pizzas with extra toppings.


Jennifer is making buffalo wings for a potluck of 40 people. Each batch she makes contains 14 wings. So far, she has made seven batches and she wants to make enough for every person attending to have seven wings. Write an expression that represents the number of batches that she still needs to make, and then solve it.

  • A, 26 batches
  • B, 54 batches
  • C, 13 batches
  • D, 182 batches
  • E, 27 batches


A car dealer bought 2 compact cars for $6 500 each and 2 mid size cars for $31 000 each. Determine the amount of money he spent.


A flash drive sells for $96.79 at a certain store and for $90.89 at another. If Noah buys a dozen flash drives, determine the amount he could save if he buys them from the second store.


The table shows the admission prices to an amusement park.

Admission PricesOne-Day PassTwo-Day Pass
Child (ages 3-9)$13.90$17.95

What is the total price of two-day passes for two adults and three children?


The given table shows the thickness of several types of coins. How much thicker is a stack of a dollar’s worth of pennies than a stack of a dollar’s worth of dime?

Coin pennies nickels dimes quarters
Thickness (mm)1.551.951.351.75


The table shows the prices that Billy found for gel pens. Determine the amount he would save by buying one dozen of the lowest-priced pens instead of one dozen of the highest-priced pens.

Gel Pens Brand A Brand B Brand C Brand D Brand E
Price ($) per Pen2.871.772.801.901.11

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