Worksheet: Subtraction of Two-Digit Numbers with Regrouping

In this worksheet, we will practice subtracting two-digit numbers with regrouping and solving problems including real-life situations.


Samar shared her 73 raisins with her friend. If her friend ate 26 raisins, how many did Samar eat?


A girl had 8 8 p o u n d s . She bought a ball for 1 1 p o u n d s and a doll for 4 0 p o u n d s . How much money does she have left?


A bakery made 90 biscuits. 28 of them were chocolate chip biscuits and 35 of them were raisin biscuits. The rest were gingerbread biscuits.

How many gingerbread biscuits did they make?

  • A 62
  • B 72
  • C 55
  • D 27
  • E63


Adel has a 50-pound note and a 20-pound note. He is going to buy three toys. The first is 1 2 p o u n d s , the second is 2 0 p o u n d s , and the third is 1 5 p o u n d s . How much money will he have left?


A lift goes up to the 21st floor, goes down 7 floors, up 5 floors, down 2 floors, and up 4 floors. What floor does it end up on?

  • A the 3rd floor
  • B the 17th floor
  • C the 25th floor
  • D the 21st floor
  • E the 5th floor


The table shows a student’s marks in English. Find the difference between the student’s marks in October and November.

Month Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan
Mark 58 36 44 39 53


Calculate the following: 7 2 3 4 + 2 0 .

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