Lesson Worksheet: Finding Percents Mentally Mathematics

In this worksheet, we will practice mentally calculating a percentage of a number.


By dividing by 10 and then multiplying by 3, calculate 30% of 90 mentally.


Naser wants to buy a pair of pants for $22. The clothing store, in which the pair of pants are shown, has a sale of 50%. Naser estimates that he will save 12 of $20 or an amount of $10. Will the amount he saves for the pants be more or less than $10?

  • ALess
  • BMore


Given a student answers 50% of the questions on an exam correctly and 10 questions incorrectly, what was the total number of questions on the exam?


If Khalid answered 60% of the questions on his quiz correctly, and the quiz had 10 questions, determine the number of questions he answered correctly.


By dividing by 4, calculate 25% of 900 mentally.


By dividing by 2, calculate 50% of 32 mentally.


Khalid took a cab to work yesterday. If he left a tip of 25% on the $19.64 fare, determine about how much the tip was.

  • A$ 7.00
  • B$ 5.00
  • C$ 45.00
  • D$ 15.00


By dividing by 4 and multiplying by 3, calculate 75% of 600 mentally.


The school football team won 60% of their matches. If they played 10 matches, how many matches did they lose?


According to a survey, about 50% of people prefer dark chocolate over white chocolate. Which of the numbers below is the nearest to the number of people who prefer dark chocolate out of 199 people?

  • A50
  • B190
  • C149
  • D140
  • E100

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