Lesson Worksheet: 2D Shapes Eleven Plus

In this worksheet, we will practice identifying different polygonal shapes and their features.


Lines 𝐿 and 𝑀 are horizontal, and line 𝑁 is vertical.

Which of the following is correct?

  • ALine 𝐿 and line 𝑁 cannot intersect.
  • BLine 𝑀 is parallel to line 𝑁.
  • CLine 𝑀 is perpendicular to line 𝑁.
  • DLine 𝐿 is parallel to line 𝑁.
  • ELine 𝐿 is perpendicular to line 𝑀.


A polygon has exactly one pair of parallel sides and one pair of equal length sides.

Which of these shapes could be described by the statement above?

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D
  • E


How many of the equilateral triangles fill the big tile pattern of three regular polygons?

  • A15
  • B18
  • C16
  • D6
  • E12


How many of the triangles will fit inside the parallelogram?

  • A6
  • B10
  • C8
  • D4
  • E12


Vicky draws a four-sided shape where each side is adjacent to one side of the same length and one side of a different length.

Which shape did she draw?

  • AKite
  • BRectangle
  • CRhombus
  • DParallelogram
  • ESquare


Which of the following is not true of the parallelogram?

  • AThe perimeter is 15 cm.
  • BThere are no lines of symmetry.
  • CThere are two pairs of parallel sides.
  • DThere are two pairs of equal sides.
  • EThere are two acute angles.


Alice wraps a piece of string around the pegs in the board below to create shapes.

How many isosceles triangles can she create?

  • A12
  • B8
  • C6
  • D4
  • E10


Archibald has 4 sticks of the following lengths. 4489cmcmcmcm

If he does not use more than one stick for a side, which shape can he make by placing the sticks end to end?

  • ARectangle
  • BKite
  • CEquilateral triangle
  • DIsosceles triangle
  • EScalene triangle


A shape has 4 sides and two pairs of those sides have equal length. It also has no lines of symmetry.

What is the shape?

  • ARhombus
  • BRectangle
  • CParallelogram
  • DTrapezium
  • EKite


The diagram shows four shapes.

Which of the shapes below is not in the diagram?

  • ATrapezium
  • BRhombus
  • CSquare
  • DOctagon
  • EHexagon

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