Lesson Worksheet: Mass and Weight Science

In this worksheet, we will practice describing the relationship between mass and weight and calculating weight on Earth and the Moon.


Fill in the blank: The kilogram is a unit used for measuring .

  • Aweight
  • Bmass
  • Clength


Jackson and Isabella are talking about mass and weight.

Who is talking about mass?

  • AJackson
  • BIsabella


Which of these units is used to measure weight?

  • AThe gram
  • BThe newton
  • CThe kilogram


Fill in the blank: An object weighs less on the Moon than on Earth. This is because the Moon has the Earth.

  • Aa smaller mass than
  • Ba greater mass than
  • Cthe same mass as


The given table compares mass and weight.

Mass (kg)123515
Weight (N) 10 30 50 150

What is the missing number in the table?


Fill in the blank: On Earth, a mass of 1 kg is attracted toward the center of Earth by a force of about N.

  • A1
  • B0.6
  • C100
  • D10


An astronaut weighs 200 N on the Moon.

What is his weight on the surface of Earth?

What is his mass?


The mass of this cat is 3 kg.


What is the weight of the cat on Earth’s surface?


Emma takes a ride in a hot-air balloon.

hot air balloon flying over the clouds

Fill in the blanks: When she is in the sky, her remains the same as on the ground, but her is less.

  • Aweight, mass
  • Bmass, weight


Jupiter is the planet in our solar system with the biggest mass.

Mercury is the planet in our solar system with the smallest mass.

Which planet has the biggest gravitational force?

  • AJupiter
  • BMercury
  • CThey have the same gravitational force.

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