Lesson Worksheet: Unit Conversion Eleven Plus

In this worksheet, we will practice converting between different metric units and between metric and imperial units, given a relation.


A hamster weighed 0.132 kg before its dinner. For dinner, the hamster ate 9 g of seeds.

How much did the hamster weigh after its dinner, in kilograms?

  • A0.151 kg
  • B1.032 kg
  • C0.141 kg
  • D9.132 kg
  • E0.143 kg


Macy goes to the supermarket and buys a bag of 8 apples, a sandwich, a litre of milk, 10 frozen fish fingers, and a tube of toothpaste. Approximately how much is her shopping basket likely to weigh?

  • A200 g
  • B20 kg
  • C200 kg
  • D2 g
  • E2 kg


Each test tube in a lab stores up to 100 mL of liquid.

How many test tubes are needed to store 1.4 L of liquid?

  • A140
  • B70
  • C10
  • D7
  • E14


A large jar weighs 350 g. When it is filled with items, it weighs 2.2 kg.

How much do the items weigh?

  • A1.95 kg
  • B0.95 kg
  • C2.55 kg
  • D1.85 kg
  • E2.5 kg


Roughly how much capacity does an average bath have?

  • A1 litre
  • B15 litres
  • C150 litres
  • D250 millilitres
  • E5‎ ‎000 litres


Natasha buys 1 kilogram of apples.

Each apple weighs 200 grams.

How many apples does she get?

  • A5
  • B8
  • C20
  • D6
  • E4


At the supermarket, Marvin buys a punnet of grapes, a litre of orange juice, and 2 baguettes.

Roughly how much does this weigh?

  • A0.4 kg
  • B8 kg
  • C200 g
  • D20 kg
  • E2 kg


A tailor cuts two pieces of cloth from a roll that is 2 m long.

Each piece is 80 cm long.

How long is the piece left over?

  • A20 cm
  • B1‎ ‎920 cm
  • C1‎ ‎840 cm
  • D40 cm
  • E80 cm


A piece of cloth is 2 metres long. Three pieces are cut from the cloth. Each piece is 40 centimetres long. What length of cloth is left over from the original piece?

  • A140 cm
  • B120 cm
  • C80 cm
  • D160 cm
  • E100 cm


A jug containing 1 L of water is used to fill a mug that holds 280 mL.

How much water will be left in the jug?

  • A780 mL
  • B700 mL
  • C0.62 L
  • D82 mL
  • E0.72 L

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