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Lesson Worksheet: Methods of Communication Science

In this worksheet, we will practice identifying different methods of communication in humans and some animals.


Humans and animals have different ways of communicating. Mention one way of communicating that is used between humans but not animals.

  • ASound
  • BLight
  • CWritten language
  • DMovement


are examples of communication methods.

  • AAdaptation and sensation
  • BSensation and language
  • CSound and adaptation
  • DLanguage and sound


The sense that helps you detect a wave of goodbye across the room is .

  • Ataste
  • Bhearing
  • Ctouch
  • Dsight


A code made of written letters can be received by .

  • Anose
  • Bmouth
  • Ceyes
  • Dears


What is the scientific term for a code that helps people communicate by writing, reading, and speaking?

  • AFire messages
  • BFacial expressions
  • CMovement
  • DLanguage

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