Question Video: Identifying Shapes Mathematics • 5th Grade

What is the name of this shape? How many vertices, edges and bases does it have?


Video Transcript

What is the name of this shape? How many vertices, edges, and bases does it have?

Let’s start by naming the shape. This shape is a pyramid. All pyramids have a polygonal base and meet at a point. Here’s the point where they meet, and here is our base.

To further classify our base though, we need to see what kind of polygon is the base. Here, our base has four sides; it’s a four sided polygon, otherwise known as a quadrilateral. We’ll name our pyramid a quadrilateral pyramid.

Okay. Moving on to the vertices, how many vertices does our quadrilateral pyramid have? The vertices are the corner points. This quadrilateral pyramid has five points, five vertices.

Next on the list, edges. How many edges does this pyramid have? Look at the parts highlighted in yellow, the edges are where two faces meet. And in this case, that happens eight times. There’re eight edges here.

And finally, the base or bases. How many base or bases does this pyramid have? A pyramid only has one base. By its very definition, the bottom of this pyramid is the base.

Quadrilateral pyramid; five vertices; eight edges; and one base.

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