Video: Identifying Equivalent Fractions under a Certain Condition

Determine the fraction that is equal to 14/18 and has a denominator of 9.


Video Transcript

Determine the fraction that is equal to fourteen-eighteenths has a denominator of nine.

Here is what we’re looking for.

Some fraction that has the same value of 14 over 18 but that’s written as a fraction with a denominator of nine.

How would we get from 18 to nine? To get from 18 to nine, we divide by two. When dealing with the equivalent fractions, if we divide by something on the bottom, we need to also divide by that same amount on the top.

18 divided by two equals nine, and 14 divided by two equals seven. An equivalent fraction or a fraction that is equal to fourteen-eighths [eighteenths] is seven-ninths.

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