Video: Multiplying Three-Digit Numbers by One-Digit Numbers Using Partial Products

Use partial products to calculate 124 × 4.


Video Transcript

Use partial products to calculate 124 times four.

In this question, the calculation has been set out for us. We’re multiplying our three-digit number, 124, by four. And we can see from the red arrow that we have to multiply the ones part of 124 first. What is four multiplied by four? 16. Next, we have to calculate two 10s or 20 multiplied by four. 20 times four is 80. So, we’ve got our ones product and now our tens product. Finally, we need to find the hundreds product. The one in 124 is worth 100, so we need to multiply 100 by four, which is 400.

Now, all we have to do is add together our three partial products. We’ve got a total of six ones, nine 10s, and four 100s. 124 multiplied by four is 496. We used partial products to calculate the answer.

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