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Question Video: Finding All Possible Subsets of a Given Set Mathematics • 10th Grade

Find all the subsets of ๐‘‹ = {๐‘Ž, ๐‘›}.


Video Transcript

Find all subsets of ๐‘‹. And it includes elements ๐‘Ž and ๐‘›.

So first of all, what is a subset? A set is a subset of another set if all the elements of the subset are included in the set. So here we have the set ๐‘‹. And we wanna write the subsets of it. Well, we can see that there is elements ๐‘Ž and ๐‘›. So we can write those separately. But we could also have the set that includes both ๐‘Ž and ๐‘›. Because that set fits into our set ๐‘‹.

Now, this may seem like itโ€™s it. But there is one more thing. We must also include the empty set. Because even though it has no elements, that is a subset of a set. So these would be all subsets of the set ๐‘‹ with elements ๐‘Ž and ๐‘›.

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