Video: Converting and Comparing between Cubic Meters and Cubic Yards

Complete the following using <, =, or >: 9 m³ _ 29 y³.


Video Transcript

Complete the following using the less than, equal to, or greater than symbol: nine m cubed is to 29 y cubed.

m cubed stands for cubic meters, and y cubed stands for cubic yards. And it is true that one cubic meter is equal to 1.30795 cubic yards. So if we were trying to decide how to compare these values, let’s go ahead and make them either both being cubic meters or both being cubic yards.

Let’s go ahead and change the cubic meters to cubic yards. So we need to take the nine and multiply by 1.30795. And we find that that is equal to 11.77155. So how do 11.77155 cubic yards and 29 cubic yards compare? Well, the 11.77155 would be less than 29. So we would complete this using the less than sign.

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