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Video: Writing Algebraic Expressions

Kathryn Kingham

Write an expression for a number 𝑦 increased by 12.


Video Transcript

Write an expression for a number ๐‘ฆ increased by 12.

In this problem, we have some plus some more. We know that we have more because of the phrase โ€œincreased by.โ€ The some that we originally start with is ๐‘ฆ. We have ๐‘ฆ amount that we start with. Some more increased by tells us that we need to use addition as our operation.

We also know that the amount increased was 12. We started with some ๐‘ฆ amount increased by 12. ๐‘ฆ plus 12 would be our expression. We represented an increase and some more by using the operation addition ๐‘ฆ plus 12.