Question Video: Rounding Improper Fractions to the Nearest Unit Mathematics

Round 44/17 to the nearest unit.


Video Transcript

Round 44 seventeenths to the nearest unit.

For the nearest unit, we’ll want to find the closest whole number to 44 seventeenths. One way to do this is to take 44 seventeenths and find a decimal amount. We can do that by dividing 44 by 17. How many times does 17 go into 44? Let’s try two times. Two times 17 equals 34. And then we subtract 44 minus 34 equals 10.

But what comes next? Next, we add a decimal point and a zero to the 44. 44 is equal to 44 and zero tenths. So we haven’t changed the value of our dividend. And this will help us round our quotient into a decimal number.

Back to the division problem, we bring down the new zero. And then we ask how many times does 17 go into 100. 17 is about 20. And 20 times five equals 100. So let’s see if 17 will go into 100 five times. Multiply five times 17 equals 85. 100 minus 85 equals 15. We add another zero to the dividend. Bring that zero down.

How many times does 17 go into 150? We’ve already found that 17 times five equals 85. We know that 17 times 10 equals 170. We need something that would fall between five and 10. What times 17 is close to 150? Let’s try eight. We multiply eight times 17 equals 136. We subtract 150 minus 136 equals 14.

We could continue to add zero after zero after zero and finding more and more specific decimal number. But remember that our goal is to round 44 seventeenths to the nearest unit. And 2.58 is enough information to help us do that. This decimal number tells us that 44 seventeenths is larger than two but smaller than three. It is two and fifty-eight hundredths. Halfway between two and three is two and a half.

Forty-four seventeenths is larger than two and a half. Because 44 seventeenths is larger than two and a half, it falls closer to three on the number line than to two. The nearest unit to 44 seventeenths is three.

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