Question Video: Understanding the Order of Operations Mathematics • 3rd Grade

What is the correct order of operations to solve 15 − 3 × 2.


Video Transcript

What is the correct order of operations to solve 15 minus three times two?

To solve this problem, we’ll need to remember what the order of operations are. We remember order of operations with PEMDAS, P E M D A S. Our P stands for parentheses, E for exponents, M is multiply, and D is divide. That happens from left to right, multiply and divide from left to right. The A stands for add, and the S stands for subtract. We do those from left to right in the same step.

Our problem has two operations, subtraction and multiplication. We need to know, should we subtract and then multiply, or should we multiply and then subtract. With order of operations, we start at the P and we work down. Multiplication comes before subtraction in the order of operations. For this expression, we’ll have to multiply first and then subtract.

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