Question Video: Adding Two Numbers up to 99 Mathematics • 1st Grade

Calculate 5 + 8.


Video Transcript

Calculate five plus eight.

Here is a ten frame with five counters. We need to add eight more: one, two, three, four, five. We’ve added five more. Now, we have 10. We’ve added five, but we need to add eight. So let’s keep going. We’ve added six, seven, eight. Five plus eight is 13.

We could also change the order of the numbers around. We could start with eight and then add five more. If we add two more to eight, that gives us 10. We’ve added two more, but we need to add five more. So let’s keep going. We added two and then three more. Two and three is five. Eight plus five is also 13.

Five plus eight equals 13.

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