Question Video: Solving One-Variable Equations Involving Negative Numbers Mathematics • 7th Grade

If π‘₯ Γ— (7 βˆ’ (βˆ’4)) = (βˆ’6 Γ— 11) Γ— 2, what is the value of π‘₯?


Video Transcript

If π‘₯ times seven minus negative four equals negative six times 11 times two, what is the value of π‘₯?

Following the order of operations, the first thing we want to do is solve what’s in the parentheses. That means solving seven minus negative four and solving negative six times 11. Seven minus negative four is equal to seven plus four. Seven plus four is 11. And then we bring down our π‘₯ and our multiplication.

On the left side, negative six times 11 equals negative 66. We can bring down all the information from the left side. Our new equation says π‘₯ times 11 equals negative 66 times two. Negative 66 times two equals negative 132. π‘₯ times 11 equals negative 132.

To find the value of π‘₯, we need π‘₯ by itself. To get π‘₯ by itself, we can divide the left side of the equation by 11. π‘₯ times 11 divided by 11 equals π‘₯. The 11s cancel each other out. However, if we divide by 11 on the left, we must divide by 11 on the right.

Negative 132 divided by 11 equals negative 12. π‘₯ equals negative 12.

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