Lesson Worksheet: Nonunit Fractions of a Quantity Mathematics • 5th Grade

In this worksheet, we will practice finding nonunit fractions of a set or an amount using visual models and explaining how this relates to division and multiplication.


Mason ate 37 of a cake. If the cake was cut into 21 slices, how many slices did Mason eat?


Cakes are delivered in boxes of 30. At a party, four-sixths of two boxes were eaten. How many cakes were eaten?


A farmer plants rice in 35 of a field. The field has an area of 85 feddans. What area of the field has rice planted in it?


Fill in the blank: 23 of 24 is .


The number of students in a class is equal to 32 students. If 38 of the students are girls, find the number of girls in the class.


Which of the following bar models represents 25 of 15?

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D


Find 25 of this set of 20 apples.


In this set of 8 marbles, 3 are blue and 5 are red.

What fraction of the marbles are blue?

  • A35
  • B38
  • C58
  • D53

If there were 16 marbles with the same fraction of blue marbles, how many marbles would be blue?


For homework, Chloe had to find 23 of 18. She thought of solving that as follows.

Follow Chloe’s steps to find 23 of 12.


Use this bar model to find 25 of 15.

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