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Lesson Worksheet: Factors and Multiples Mathematics

In this worksheet, we will practice identifying relations between factors and multiples and determining if a number is a factor or a multiple of another.


If 3, 6, and 12 are of 36, then 36 is a of them.

  • Amultiples, multiple
  • Bfactors, factor
  • Cfactors, multiple
  • Dmultiples, factor


We know that 3×6=18. Pick the true statement.

  • A3 is a multiple of 18.
  • B18 is a factor of 6.
  • C18 is a factor of 3.
  • D6 is a multiple of 18.
  • E3 is a factor of 18.


In this table, we write a number on the left, its factors in the middle, and some of its multiples on the right. Some of the numbers are missing.

Number (𝑥)Factors of (𝑥)Some Multiples of (𝑥)

The first number in the table only has 2 factors. What is the number?

A factor of 8 is missing from the table. What is this factor?


Find the missing number.

Number (𝑥)Factors of (𝑥)Multiples of (𝑥)


We know that 4×5=20. Pick the true statement.

  • A20 is a factor of 4.
  • B5 is a multiple of 20.
  • C20 is a factor of 5.
  • D20 is a multiple of 5.
  • E4 is a multiple of 20.


Fill in the blank: 5 is a of 50.

  • Afactor
  • Bmultiple


Find the missing number.



Complete the following: As 30=6×, then 30 is a multiple of 6 and .

  • A6, 6, 6
  • B7 , 6, 7
  • C4, 6, 4
  • D5, 6, 5


Fill in the blank: If 3 is a factor of 12, then 12 is a multiple of .


Fill in the blank: 40 is a of 4.

  • Afactor
  • Bmultiple

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