Worksheet: Subtracting Fractions with Unlike Denominators

In this worksheet, we will practice subtracting two proper fractions with different denominators by finding common denominators and writing the answer in simplest form.


A mirror’s length is 23 of a foot, and its width is 38 of a foot less than its length. Determine the width of the mirror in fraction form.

  • A316 ft
  • B724 ft
  • C13 ft
  • D511 ft
  • E1124 ft


Calculate 7946.

  • A13
  • B1318
  • C19
  • D1


How much more is 78of a gallon than 34of a gallon?

  • A716 gal
  • B38 gal
  • C18 gal
  • D116 gal
  • E158 gal


Chloe walks 34 h to work on Route A and 23 h back to her house on Route B every day. Which route does she spend more time on and by how much?

  • ARoute B, 1512 h
  • BRoute B, 12 h
  • CRoute A, 213 h
  • DRoute A, 112 h
  • ERoute A, 124 h


Evaluate 𝑥𝑦, given that 𝑥=45 and 𝑦=34.

  • A11120
  • B38
  • C25
  • D120
  • E79


Evaluate 𝑎𝑏𝑎+𝑏 given 𝑎=32 and 𝑏=23. Give the answer in its simplest form.

  • A15
  • B15
  • C513
  • D135


Calculate 781213 giving the answer in its simplest form.

  • A225
  • B148
  • C213
  • D124
  • E1724


Use the order of operations to evaluate 2523+49, expressing the answer in its simplest form.

  • A845
  • B3245
  • C946
  • D1645
  • E16


A supermarket is 27 of a mile from Charlotte’s house and 25 of a mile from Sophia’s house. How much farther is the supermarket from Sophia’s house than it is from Charlotte’s house?

  • A2435 mi
  • B435 mi
  • C13 mi
  • D15 mi
  • E17 mi


A baby’s bottle can hold 23 of a cup of milk. In order to feed her baby, the mother filled the bottle to the top with 14 of a cup of milk. Determine how much milk was already inside the bottle.

  • A18 c
  • B13 c
  • C411 c
  • D512 c
  • E524 c


Mason lives 58 mi from the school, and Ethan lives 23 mi from it. Who lives closer to the school and by how much?

  • AEthan, 23 mi
  • BMason, 711 mi
  • CMason, 58 mi
  • DEthan, 124 mi
  • EMason, 124 mi


Which of the following is a subtraction sentence representing the given figure?

  • A2312=16
  • B3423=27
  • C2312=15
  • D2312=17
  • E1213=16


Evaluate 213112 giving the answer in its simplest form.

  • A16
  • B56
  • C56
  • D16
  • E1


Chloe drank 4523 fluid ounces of water on Monday, 5538 on Tuesday, and 4712 on Friday. How much more water did Chloe drink on Monday and Tuesday than on Friday?

  • A541324 fl oz
  • B371924 fl oz
  • C101124 fl oz
  • D531324 fl oz
  • E1324 fl oz


Liam and Elizabeth both started cycling along a track in the same direction. Liam cycled 25 of a mile and then stopped. Elizabeth cycled 45 of a mile and then turned around and cycled back along the path for 23 of a mile. Who is farther from the starting point? What is the distance between them?

  • AElizabeth, 11315 mi
  • BLiam, 415 mi
  • CLiam, 1115 mi
  • DLiam, 11315 mi
  • EElizabeth, 415 mi


Evaluate 91113 giving the answer in its simplest form.

  • A9611
  • B1
  • C87
  • D1633
  • E833


Scarlett, Victoria, and Daniel agreed to meet at the park. Scarlett walked 12 mi, Victoria walked 13 mi, and Daniel walked 14 mi. Who was the farthest away and by how much?

  • ADaniel, 14 mi
  • BScarlett, 14 mi
  • CScarlett, 16 mi
  • DVictoria, 16 mi
  • EVictoria, 112 mi


Subtract 13 from 5.

  • A113
  • B312
  • C5
  • D423
  • E12


If Daniel had 9 LE and bought a ruler for 12LE, how much money does he have left?

  • A4LE
  • B912LE
  • C812LE
  • D12LE

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