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Lesson Worksheet: Ionization Energy Chemistry

In this worksheet, we will practice describing and explaining the ionization energy of elements and ions.


Given the data of successive ionization energies (in kJ/mol) in the table shown, which of the following elements is most likely to be in group III of the periodic table?

  • AElement 4
  • BElement 2
  • CElement 5
  • DElement 1
  • EElement 3


Which of the following equations represents the first ionization energy of an element X?

  • AX()+eX()gg+
  • BX()+eX()+gg
  • CX()X()+egg+


Which element in the pair of adjacent elements, Mg and Na, has a higher first ionization energy?

  • ANa
  • BMg


An element, X, from the 3rd period of the periodic table has a second ionization energy that is higher than that of the neighboring two elements.

What is the electronic configuration of element X?

  • A12233sspsp
  • B12233sspsp
  • C1223ssps
  • D12233sspsp
  • E12233sspsp


The following table shows the data of successive ionization energies of a metal, M. What is the likely formula of the sulfide compound formed in the reaction between sulfur and metal M?

Successive Ionization Energies of Element M (kJ/mol)
  • AMS23
  • BMS
  • CMS2
  • DMS2


The following table shows rounded successive ionization energies of element X. What is the correct identity of X?

Successive Ionization Energies of Element X (kJ/mol)
  • AGermanium
  • BTellurium
  • CKrypton
  • DStrontium
  • EBromine


The following sketch graph shows a section of a graph with 1st ionization energies on the 𝑦-axis plotted against the atomic number on the 𝑥-axis.

Which number from the graph could represent the element Al?

Which number could represent the element He?


Which of the following elements has the lowest value of the first ionisation potential?

  • APotassium (K)19
  • BNeon (Ne)10
  • CIron (Fe)26
  • DCalcium (Ca)20


Which of the following equations is correct?

  • ANa()+eNa()+energy=kJmolgg+Δ𝐻496/
  • BNa()+energyNa()+e=kJmolgg+Δ𝐻496/
  • CNa()+energyNa()+e=kJmolgg+Δ𝐻+496/
  • DNa()+eNa()+energy=kJmolgg+Δ𝐻+496/


Which of the following is the correct descending order for ionisation energy?

  • A7N, 8O, 16S, 15P
  • B8O, 7N, 16S, 15P
  • C8O, 7N, 15P, 16S
  • D15P, 16S, 7N, 8O

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