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Lesson Worksheet: Estimating Products: Multiplying Numbers up to Four Digits Mathematics

In this worksheet, we will practice using rounding and compatible numbers to estimate the products of four- and two-digit numbers.


Estimate the product of 467 and 187 by calculating 500×200.


Use rounding to the nearest 100 to estimate the product of 154×112 and decide whether it is Greater than or Less than 15,000.

  • ALess than 15,000
  • BGreater than 15,000


Estimate the product 152×627 by rounding to the nearest hundred.


Scarlett estimated the product of 199×293 by rounding both numbers to the nearest ten. Which of the following is a better estimate of this product?

  • A57,525
  • B58,000
  • C59,000
  • D56,550
  • E58,500


Find the nearest approximation to 386×133.

  • A50,000
  • B5,000,000
  • C500,000
  • D5,000


Which of the following is closest to 5×103×60? Solve without using a calculator.

  • A3,000
  • B40,000
  • C300,000
  • D30,000


Which of the following is not a reasonable estimate for 137×195?

  • A100×200
  • B140×200
  • C200×200
  • D135×200


Madison and Benjamin estimated the product of 155×324. Madison got 80,000 and Benjamin got 60,000. Whose estimate is unreasonable?

  • ABenjamin
  • BMadison


Estimate 269×926 by rounding both 269 and 926 to the nearest hundred.

Calculate 269×926. Use your estimate to check that your answer is reasonable.


The estimate of 1829×25 by rounding the first number to the nearest thousand is .

  • A25‎ ‎000
  • B40‎ ‎000
  • C20‎ ‎000
  • D50‎ ‎000

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