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Worksheet: Column Chromatography


What is the most common support material for a packed GC column?

  • AAlumina
  • BSilica gel
  • CFused silica
  • DDiatomaceous earth
  • EGlass


Which of the following statements about columns containing more theoretical plates is true?

  • AColumns containing more theoretical plates take a long time to perform separations.
  • BColumns containing more theoretical plates make separations imposssible.
  • CColumns containing more theoretical plates interact irreversibly with the analyte.
  • DColumns containing more theoretical plates are better suited to separate a complex mixture.
  • EColumns containing more theoretical plates lend themselves to component mixing.


Reversed-phase chromatography refers to which of the following?

  • AA nonpolar stationary phase and a nonpolar mobile phase
  • BA stationary phase and mobile phase of similar polarities
  • CA polar stationary phase and a nonpolar mobile phase
  • DA nonpolar stationary phase and a polar mobile phase
  • EA polar stationary phase and a polar mobile phase


When separating a mixture by column chromatography, which of the following steps is not required?

  • AThe solid phase is placed above a wool plug or glass frit.
  • BThe solvent mixture is selected to ensure good component separation.
  • CEluent is added to the top of the column to prevent drying.
  • DAll collected fractions are analysed by thin-layer chromatography.
  • EEluent is passed through the column before adding the sample.