Worksheet: Comparing Lengths Indirectly

In this worksheet, we will practice how to compare the lengths of two objects by comparing their lengths to a third object, either by looking at them or by measuring with square units.


Complete the following statements with taller or shorter.

The egg is than 4 blocks.

  • Ataller
  • Bshorter

The hen is than 4 blocks.

  • Ashorter
  • Btaller

The hen is than the egg.

  • Ataller
  • Bshorter


Benjamin is taller than Daniel.

Benjamin is shorter than Michael

Who is tallest?

  • ADaniel
  • BMichael
  • CBenjamin


The blue pencil is longer than the orange pencil.

The orange pencil is longer than the green pencil.

Which color pencil is longest?

  • ABlue
  • BOrange
  • CGreen


Use the clues to order the objects from shortest to tallest.

  • The tree is shorter than the house.
  • The tower is taller than the house.
  • A