Worksheet: Day and Night

In this worksheet, we will practice observing patterns caused by the Earth’s rotation about its axis, including day and night.


What is the name of the imaginary line that runs through Earth from the North Pole to the South Pole?

  • AAxis
  • BLatitude
  • CLongitude
  • DEquator


The planets in our solar system orbit the Sun. How long does it take Earth to orbit (or rotate around) the Sun?

  • A365 days
  • B7 days
  • C24 hours
  • D366 days
  • E30 days


The clocks show the time in three different cities around the World.

When it is 9:00 am in New York, what time is it in London?

  • A1:00 pm
  • B2:00 pm
  • C2:00 am
  • D9:00 am
  • E4:00 am


Choose the correct word to complete the sentence: Earth spins round and round as it orbits the Sun. One side of Earth faces the Sun and the other side faces space. The side that faces the Sun is covered in light and warmth. We call this .

  • Adaytime
  • Bnighttime
  • Csunset
  • Dsunrise


Earth rotates (spins) counterclockwise on its axis. How long does each 360rotation take?


Choose the correct word to complete the sentence: If you are getting ready for school, somebody on the opposite side of Earth is getting ready for.

  • ALunch
  • BBed
  • CSchool
  • DBreakfast


The image shows the Sun in space.

The Sun-72 ppi

What is the Sun?

  • AThe Sun is a comet.
  • BThe Sun is a star.
  • CThe Sun is a moon.
  • DThe Sun is a planet.

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