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Lesson Worksheet: Solar Energy Science

In this worksheet, we will practice describing the generation and usage of solar energy.


The main source of energy on Earth’s surface for all living organisms is the .

  • AMoon
  • BSun
  • Cwind
  • Dwater


What is the scientific term for the huge bodies in space that are mostly made of gases like hydrogen and helium?

  • APlanets
  • BRocks
  • CMoons
  • DStars


Some devices can get the energy needed from the Sun if they have solar .

  • Ablades
  • Bpanels
  • Cmills
  • Dturbines


Greenhouses allow energy from the Sun in and convert it into .

  • Aradiant, heat
  • Bpotential, electrical energy
  • Cradiant, electrical energy
  • Dpotential, heat


Curved metal mirrors can be used to cook food because they collect and convert it into .

  • Asolar energy, electrical energy
  • Bwind, heat
  • Cwind, electrical energy
  • Dsolar energy, heat

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