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Lesson Worksheet: Dividing Four-Digit Numbers by One- and Two-Digit Numbers: Area Models Mathematics

In this worksheet, we will practice using area models to divide four-digit numbers by one- and two-digit numbers with and without remainders.


Find the missing number in the given area model that is used to find 787÷23.

What is the final result of 787÷23?

  • A34 R6
  • B34
  • C5 R34
  • D35 R4
  • E34 R5


Use the given area model to find 890÷26.

  • A30 R4
  • B6 R34
  • C34 R20
  • D26 R4
  • E34 R6



  • A421
  • B465
  • C418
  • D432


In the equation 1578÷3=526, 1‎ ‎578 is called the .

  • Aquotient
  • Bdivisor
  • Caddend
  • Ddividend

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