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Lesson Worksheet: Characteristics of Philosophical Thinking Philosophy

In this worksheet, we will practice identifying four characteristics of philosophical thinking.


Which of the following is a core characteristic of philosophical thinking?

  • AStubbornness
  • BCourage
  • CFaithfulness
  • DWonder
  • EKindness


What did wonder inspire Socrates to do?

  • AInterrogate people who had a reputation for wisdom
  • BPursue fame and fortune
  • CBetray Athens by selling secrets to Sparta
  • DRefuse to eat
  • EGo around barefoot and unwashed


Which of the following describes an argument in the philosophical sense?

  • AAn emotionally charged disagreement with a colleague
  • BAn emotional appeal to try to get someone to change their mind
  • CA fight with a family member over chores
  • DReasons put forward to compel someone to accept a belief
  • EA friendly, unstructured exchange of opinions


Aristotle and Plato both say that philosophy begins with wonder. Can philosophy also lead to more wonder?

  • AYes
  • BNo


Fill in the blank: The distinction between true and is important in philosophy.

  • Auntrustworthy
  • Bfraudulent
  • Cfalse
  • Dillegitimate
  • Ebent


How does contemplation facilitate philosophical thinking?

  • AIt allows us to think that other people’s ideas are not important.
  • BIt allows us to give things our attention.
  • CIt helps us ignore our own feelings.
  • DIt helps us realise that nothing in life really matters.
  • EIt allows us to detach from all practical concerns.


Complete the following: Any rules of or limits to philosophical thinking come from .

  • Athe ancient philosophers
  • Bimagination
  • Cphilosophy professors
  • Dreason
  • Epropriety


Does being intellectually independent mean ignoring what other people think?

  • AYes, ignoring what other people think is the first step to attaining intellectual independence.
  • BNo, in order to be intellectually independent, it is crucial to refute the arguments of anyone you disagree with.
  • CNo, intellectual independence can only be attained by listening to what other people say and making up your own mind.
  • DNo, paying attention to other people’s beliefs is irrelevant to intellectual independence.
  • EYes, you can only make up your own mind if you shut out the opinions of others.


What does intellectual independence mean?

  • AComing to your own conclusions
  • BIgnoring other people’s opinions
  • CDenying the legitimacy of other people’s views
  • DBelieving what authorities say
  • EArguing against people who disagree with you


True or False: A philosopher engaged in contemplation stops caring about the world.

  • ATrue
  • BFalse

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