Worksheet: Friction

In this worksheet, we will practice investigating the effects of forces on the motion of an object.


The photograph shows a boy sliding down a pole at a park.

He noticed that when he wore gloves on his hands, he slid down the pole faster.

Which statement explains why he slid down faster when he was wearing gloves?

A boy sliding down a pole at a park-72 ppi
  • AThe gloves reduced the amount of friction acting on the pole.
  • BThe gloves increased the amount of friction acting on the pole.


A class made sliders by gluing coins onto materials they want to test.

They want to find out which materials have the least friction.

How will the children decide which slider has the least friction?

  • AThe slider with the most friction will travel the slowest down the slide.
  • BThe slider with the least friction will travel the fastest down the slide.

What else could affect the speed at which the sliders slide?

  • AThe height of the slide
  • BThe weight of the slide


Which force acts against gravity to slow down a child going down the slide?

  • AGravity
  • BFriction


Some students are testing different materials to see which would create the most friction when traveling down a slide.

How can they make sure the test is fair?

  • ABy making all the sliders from the same material
  • BBy making sure each slider has the same number of coins


The picture shows children having fun on a water slide.

Water helps the children travel more quickly down the slide.

How does the water affect the amount of friction between the children and the slide?

  • AThe water decreases the amount of friction.
  • BThe water increases the amount of friction.

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