Lesson Worksheet: Estimating and Measuring Volumes Mathematics

In this worksheet, we will practice estimating and measuring volumes in cubic units.


Complete the following: The volume of the given shape is cubic units.

Hint: The following figure represents one cubic unit.


Determine the volume of a container that is 9 units long, 7 units wide, and 4 units high.


Fill in the blank: ThevolumeofshapeAThevolumeofshapeB= cubic units.


Consider the following figure.

Complete the following: The volume of that figure is cubic units.


Khalid built this shape using unit cubes.

Select the shape which has the same volume as Khalid’s shape.

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D


Consider the following shape.

Unit cube:

Fill in the blank: The shape is made of unit cubes.


A student used unit cubes to form the shape shown.

What is the volume of the shape?

The student then made two more copies of the shape and combined the three together to make a new shape, what would be the volume of the new shape?


Find the number of unit cubes that can complete the picture.


True or False:

  • AFalse
  • BTrue


Count the cubes and find the number of unit cubes that can complete the picture.

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