Worksheet: Multistep Division Problems

In this worksheet, we will practice solving multistep division problems including other mathematical operations.


A man paid 1,201.05 LE for 14.875 kg of cheese and 6.375 kg of butter. Given that the price of one kilogram of butter is 73.60 LE, find the price of one kilogram of cheese.


A car is traveling at 40 miles per hour, and a train is traveling at 32 miles per hour in the same direction. How much farther than the train will the car have traveled after 2 hours?


A machine produces 105 parts in 5 minutes. At this rate, how many parts can it produce in 17 minutes?


A child bought 8 pencils for 32 LE. How much did one pencil cost?


One bag of rabbit food will feed Ramy’s rabbits for 20 days. How many bags are needed to feed his rabbits for 8 weeks?


Farida is making cards for her friends and wants each card to have 5 stickers on it. She bought 3 packs of stickers, where each pack contains 8 stickers.

Does she have enough stickers to make 6 cards? If not, how many more stickers does she need?

  • A No, she needs 8 more stickers.
  • B Yes, she has enough stickers.
  • C No, she needs 5 more stickers.
  • D No, she needs 6 more stickers.
  • ENo, she needs 7 more stickers.


A vehicle uses 856.7 litres of petrol to travel 1‎ ‎000 kilometres. How many litres of petrol will be used on a journey of 100 kilometres?


Fady has made enough cookie dough for 32 chocolate chip cookies and 24 double chocolate cookies. Each baking tray can hold 9 cookies. How many baking trays does he need to bake all the cookies?

  • A 4
  • B 6
  • C 3
  • D 7
  • E8


A person has 6 fruit candies and 4 mint candies to share equally between his 2 children. Which expression describes the number of candies that each child will receive?

  • A ( 3 ÷ 2 ) + ( 2 ÷ 2 )
  • B ( 1 0 ÷ 2 ) + ( 6 ÷ 2 )
  • C ( 6 ÷ 2 ) + ( 2 ÷ 2 )
  • D ( 6 ÷ 2 ) + ( 4 ÷ 2 )


A person has 20 fruit sweets and 6 mint sweets to share equally between their 2 children. How many sweets will each child get?


Each day, Samar drives 7 miles to work and 7 miles home. She has enough gas in her car to drive 68 miles. Does she have enough gas to travel to and from work for the next 5 days?

  • A no
  • B yes


Shady is packing toys into boxes to deliver to shops. Each box holds 8 toys. There are 205 toys but he finds that 13 are damaged and cannot be packed.

How many toys are NOT damaged?

How many boxes does he need to pack the undamaged toys?


A number line starts with 31,447 and ends on 31,455. Given that it is marked with intervals of 1, and the letter 𝑁 is halfway between 31,447 and 31,455, determine the value of 𝑁 .


George’s father bought a flat for 240‎ ‎700 LE. He paid 30‎ ‎900 LE up front, and will pay the rest in 191 equal instalments. How much will each instalment be? Give your answer to the nearest pound.


At the supermarket, shelled pistachios cost $4.16 per pound, and almonds cost $2.16 per pound. Mariam bought 4 lb of shelled pistachios and 5 lb of almonds. How much more did she pay for the shelled pistachios than the almonds? How much did she pay altogether for the nuts?

  • A$2, $56.88
  • B$12.16, $29.44
  • C$2, $27.44
  • D$5.84, $27.44
  • E$5.84, $29.44


Dina makes $9.57 per hour working at the grocery shop after school. Her paycheck shows she worked 24.8 hours the first week, 15.5 hours the second week, and 20.7 hours the third week. After deducting taxes of $113, determine the amount of money Dina made in the last three weeks.


The table below represents the number and prices of some products a girl bought. Determine how much she paid in total.

Item Glasses Dishes Bread Cans
Number of Items 9 15 5 2
Price of Each Item in LE 4.25 17.25 1.50 3.50


A number line, marked at intervals of 30, starts on 5‎ ‎290 and ends on 5‎ ‎560. If 𝑥 lies at the fourth tick mark, determine the value of 𝑥 .


The items a customer bought from a shop are represented in the given table. Calculate the amount the customer spent in the shop.

Item Number of Items Price per Item
Glasses 7 4.30 LE
Dishes 11 5.55 LE
Cans 12 7.30 LE


Mariam bought 4.48 kilograms of fish and 2.31 kilograms of apples. The fish cost 25 LE per kilogram and the apples cost 21 LE per kilogram. How much did she pay in total?


A girl bought 5 books. Each book cost 14.50 LE. How much did she pay in total?


A man bought 10 kg of bananas for 4.90 pounds per kilogram and 100 kg of potatoes for 5.85 pounds per kilogram. How much did he pay in total?


On a given day at a restaurant, 39 people ordered the shrimp plate for $15.50 and French fries for $4.50. Determine how much money the restaurant earned that day.


Sherif bought a TV for 3 972 LE and paid 412 LE upfront. He divided the rest of the payment into 20 equal instalments. How much was each instalment?

  • A198 LE
  • B219 LE
  • C213 LE
  • D178 LE


A tree was planted at a distance of 4 . 1 m from the start of the road and a lamppost was fixed a distance of 1 0 2 5 m from the start of the road. A flower bed is placed at one-third of the distance between them from the tree. Find the distance between the flower bed and the start of the road.

  • A 2 . 1 m
  • B 8 . 3 m
  • C 1 2 . 5 m
  • D 6 . 2 m
  • E 2 m

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