Lesson Worksheet: Conjugate Acid–Base Pairs Chemistry • 10th Grade

In this worksheet, we will practice identifying conjugate acids and bases in chemical equations and predicting their relative acid or base strengths.


NH3 is the conjugate acid in the following equation: NH()+HO+HO323+aq What is the missing term?

  • ANH24
  • BNH4+
  • CNH2
  • DNH3


Give the formula and state the symbol of the missing compound in the following equation: HSO()+OH()+HO()32aqaql

  • ASO()32aq
  • BSO()2g
  • CHSO()24aq
  • DHSO()23aq
  • EHS()2g


HPO24 is the conjugate base in the following equation: HPO+HO+OH242 What is the missing term?

  • AHPO23+
  • BHPO34
  • CHPO24
  • DPO43
  • EHPO42


Consider the following equation: NH()+HO+OH32aq In the equation shown, NH3 is the conjugate base. What is the missing term?

  • ANH3
  • BNH24
  • CNH2
  • DNH4+


In the following equation, NH3 is the conjugate base: NH()+HO+OH32aq What is the missing term?

  • ANH3
  • BNH24
  • CNH4+
  • DNH2


In the following equation, HPO24 is the conjugate acid: HPO+HO+HO2423+ Find the missing term.

  • AHPO23+
  • BHPO24
  • CHPO34
  • DHPO42
  • EPO43

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