Lesson Worksheet: Cycles of Matter: The Nitrogen Cycle Science • 5th Grade

In this worksheet, we will practice describing how matter cycles in the environment and what happens in the nitrogen cycle.


How can matter be recycled in an environment?

  • AThrough the air organisms breathe
  • BThrough the water organisms drink
  • CThrough the food organisms eat
  • DAll of the above


Which of the following states can matter cycled in an environment be in?

  • ASolid
  • BGas
  • CLiquid
  • DAll of the above


Fill in the blank: Matter is cycled within ecosystems because of the interactions of the in ecosystems.

  • Abiotic factors only
  • Babiotic factors only
  • Cbiotic and abiotic factors


True or False: Nitrogen gas makes up most of Earth’s atmosphere.

  • ATrue
  • BFalse


Fill in the blank: The nitrogen cycle is the process in which nitrogen circulates through .

  • Athe atmosphere, soil, and organisms
  • Bsoil and organisms only
  • Cthe atmosphere and organisms only
  • Dthe atmosphere and soil only


Nitrogen is fixed by organisms including bacteria.

Complete the following sentence: Nitrogen fixing is the process of .

  • Aproducing nitrogen gas
  • Bchanging nitrogen gas into a form that can be used by organisms
  • Ckeeping the amount of nitrogen in the air the same


Some bacteria can fix nitrogen on plant roots. This often produces nodules like the ones in this image.

Root nodules occur on the roots of plants legume that associate with symbiotic nitrogen-fixing bacteria known as Rhizobia

How does this nitrogen return to the soil?

  • AWhen new plants grow
  • BWhen the plants decay
  • CThrough photosynthesis


Fill in the blank: Plants take in nitrogen from nutrients in the soil. When the plant absorbs these, it helps it to .

  • Agrow
  • Bcarry out transpiration
  • Cbreathe


Fill in the blanks: Matter cycled within ecosystems. When matter is taken in by consumers and decomposers, .

  • Ais, it stays within the organisms forever
  • Bis, it eventually returns to the environment
  • Cis not, this is the end of the cycle


How do plants absorb nitrogen?

  • AThrough their roots
  • BThrough their leaves
  • CThrough their flowers
  • DThrough their stem

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