Worksheet: Estimating the Product of Two Decimals

In this worksheet, we will practice using rounding and compatible numbers to estimate the product of two decimal numbers.


Which of the following is the nearest to 5.478×1,080 upon rounding one of the two numbers to either 10, 100, or 1,000?

  • A54.78
  • B547.8
  • C5,478
  • D54,780
  • E547,800


Elizabeth wants to buy a pair of jeans that cost $49 .99. The sign on the display says that the jeans are 59 off. Which expression can be used to estimate the discount?

  • A50×55.5
  • B50×5.9
  • C50×0.055
  • D49×0.55
  • E50×0.55


Which of the following is closest to the result of 27.915×99.06 after rounding one of the two numbers to 10, 100, or 1,000?

  • A2,791.5
  • B279,150
  • C27.915
  • D279.15
  • E27,915


Emma’s shower uses 7.8 liters of water per minute.

By rounding the number of liters to the nearest whole number, estimate how many liters she will use if her shower lasts 9 minutes.

Calculate exactly how many liters of water a 12-minute shower will consume.


Use rounding to estimate the amount of money you need to pay for a bag of apples if one kilogram costs $3.05 and the bag holds 7.9 kilograms.


An African elephant can travel at a speed of 24.9 kilometers per hour. At this speed, approximately how far could an African elephant travel in 1.5 hours?


Which choice provides the closest estimate for 5.67×12.27?

  • A5×12=60
  • B6×13=78
  • C5×13=65
  • D6×12=72


Use compatible numbers to estimate the product 26.3×2.8.


Estimate 9.85×6.7.

Hint: Round each number to the nearest whole number.


Estimate 73.9×2.1 using compatible numbers.

Hint: What numbers, which you can multiply easily, are close to 73.9 and 2.1?

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