Lesson Worksheet: Comparing: Faster, Slower, Earlier, and Later Mathematics

In this worksheet, we will practice how to compare two durations using the words “faster” and “slower” and compare times using the words “earlier” and “later.”


Yesterday, I ate my dinner at 5 o’clock.

Today, I ate my dinner at half past 5.

Did I eat my dinner earlier or later than yesterday?

  • ALater
  • BEarlier


In the morning, Matthew and Sophia started painting at different times.

Who started later?

  • A
  • B


Who got to school earlier?

  • A
  • B


Matthew and Madison both started their work at the same time.

Who finished later?

  • A
  • B


Charlotte swam across the pool in 53 seconds. Hannah swam across the pool in 1 minute. Who crossed the pool faster, Charlotte or Hannah?

  • AHannah
  • BCharlotte


Ethan and Olivia both started getting ready at the same time.

Who got ready faster?

  • A
  • B


Ethan took 18 minutes to walk to school and Scarlett took 23 minutes.

Pick the missing word: 18 is than 23.

  • Agreater
  • Bless

Pick the missing word: 18 minutes goes by than 23 minutes.

  • Aslower
  • Bfaster


Jackson and Natalie took the same route home from their vacation spot.

Pick the missing word: 16 is than 11.

  • Aless
  • Bgreater

Pick the missing word: Jackson traveled home than Natalie.

  • Aslower
  • Bfaster


Here are two things Mia did today.

Which took longer?

  • A
  • B


After school on Monday, Benjamin arrived home at 4 o’clock and his sister Natalie arrived at 5 o’clock. Who arrived later?

  • ABenjamin
  • BNatalie

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