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Lesson Worksheet: Relating Multiplication and Division Mathematics

In this worksheet, we will practice recognizing the relationship between multiplication and division to identify related facts.


Which of these is an inverse equation of 6×4=24?

  • A4×6=24
  • B24÷4=6
  • C64=2
  • D6+4=10


Ramy and Farida know that 11×12=132.

Who is correct?

  • AThey are both correct.
  • BThey are both wrong.
  • COnly Ramy is correct.
  • DOnly Farida is correct.


Division is the inverse of multiplication.

Use Rania’s fact to solve Maged’s problem.


Find the missing numbers.


So, 40÷8=.

Also, 40÷5=.


Which multiplication equation represents this model?

  • A8×8=64
  • B8×6=48
  • C7×8=56

Pick a division equation that the model can help you solve.

  • A56÷7=
  • B48÷7=
  • C64÷7=


Let’s think about solving division problems.

Pick an equation that can help you solve 42÷6.

  • A8×6=42
  • B486=42
  • C36+6=42
  • D7×6=42

What is 42÷6?


We can use multiplication to solve division problems.

Pick a model that would help you solve 27÷3.

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D

What is 27÷3?


An inverse equation of 2×4=8 is 8÷4=2.

Find an inverse equation of 6×3=18.

  • A18÷4=6
  • B18÷3=6
  • C18÷4=3
  • D18÷3=2


Look at how a teacher has divided her class.

Which of the following equations describes this model?

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D

Pick a division equation that this can help you solve.

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D


Which of these is an inverse equation of 54÷9=6?

  • A9×6=54
  • B54÷6=9

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