Worksheet: Subtracting by Adding with Numbers up to 20

In this worksheet, we will practice solving subtraction problems by finding the missing part in an addition expression with numbers up to 20.


Matthew had 17 toy cars.

He lost 6 of the cars.

He can work out how many cars are left by completing either number sentence: 176=,6+=17.

How many cars are left?


Elizabeth built 13 sandcastles on the beach. The tide came in and washed some of them away. There are 7 left and she wants to know how many were washed away.

Which of these number sentences does she need to solve?

  • A137=
  • B7+13=
  • C713=
  • D13+7=

Which of these addition facts can help her to solve the problem?

  • A7+6=13
  • B13+7=20
  • C6+13=19

How many sandcastles were washed away?

Hint: Use 7+6=13 to solve 137=.


Hannah and Anthony made 19 cupcakes.

After their dog ate some, there were 15 left.

They want to know how many cakes their dog ate.

Who is correct?

  • Aonly Anthony
  • BThey are both wrong.
  • CThey are both correct.
  • Donly Hannah


We know that 4+9=13.

What is 139?


Natalie has $14 in her purse. Her brother borrowed $5 from her. Write a subtraction expression to describe this situation, and then write the equivalent addition expression.

  • A14(5), 14+5
  • B145, 14+(5)
  • C514, 5+14
  • D145, 14+5
  • E514, 5+(14)


We know that 5+7=12.

What is 127?

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