Worksheet: Drug Education

In this worksheet, we will practice recognizing the impact drugs can have on our health.


Which of these types of drug is alcohol?

  • AA depressant
  • BAn opioid
  • CA hallucinogen
  • DA prescription


What part of the body is affected by alcohol-related cirrhosis?

  • ALiver
  • BLungs
  • CHeart
  • DBrain


Cigarettes contain an addictive drug that can make it hard for people to stop smoking. What is the name of this drug?

  • ACodeine
  • BNicotine
  • CCaffeine
  • DTobacco


Some drugs, such as heroin, are injected by users. Which of the following is an associated health risk when sharing needles?

  • BInfluenza
  • CDiabetes
  • DLung cancer


Which of these drinks do not contain alcohol?

  • ACoffee
  • BWhiskey
  • CWine
  • DBeer


Which of the following items is not a drug?

  • ACaffeine
  • BParacetamol
  • CAlcohol
  • DSoda


Marijuana is a drug that comes from a plant. Which of the following is a long-term consequence of smoking marijuana?

  • ANausea
  • BMemory loss
  • CIncreased concentration
  • DLiver damage


Fill in the blank: Taking more of a drug than is recommended is called and this can often be fatal.

  • Aan addition
  • Ban overdose
  • Cmemory loss
  • Da fever


Not all drugs are harmful. Some drugs can be used to help us feel better when we are ill. Which of the following is not a harmful drug if taken correctly?

  • ANicotine
  • BHeroin
  • CMedicine


Smoking damages your lungs. Which of these diseases are not caused by smoking?

  • AEmphysema
  • BDiabetes
  • CHeart disease
  • DLung cancer


Fill in the blank: Drugs can be , making you feel like you cannot live without them.

Close-up of a devastated young man holding his head in his hands and friends supporting him during group therapy - 72 ppi
  • Alegal
  • Bharmful
  • Cexpensive
  • Daddictive

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