Lesson Worksheet: Subtraction Stories Mathematics

In this worksheet, we will practice using counters to interpret and represent subtraction stories.


You helped your mom bake 10 cookies. 3 of your friends ate one cookie each. How many are left?


Bandar had 4 apples. He ate 2 of them. How many apples were left?


You had 7 balloons. If 4 of them popped, how many do you have now?


4 bees were flying around a flower. Then, 2 of the bees flew away.

How many bees are left?


There are 4 frogs in a lake, and then 3 frogs jump away. How many are left?


A dolphin is playing with 6 balls. If he drops 4 balls, how many will be left?


Bandar has 8 pieces of candy. He gives his friends 3 of them. How many pieces of candy does he have?


A clown is playing with 9 balls. 2 balls fall. How many balls are left?


If we have 5 carrots and a rabbit eats 3 of them, how many carrots are left?


Dima had 2 balloons. 1 of them was lost. How many balloons were left?

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