Lesson Worksheet: Taking Apart Mathematics • Kindergarten

In this worksheet, we will practice counting to find how many objects are in one part when we break apart a group of up to 10 objects into two parts.


There are 7 hats. 2 of them are red. How many blue hats are there?


There are 9 balloons. If 4 of them are yellow, how many green balloons are there?


There are 7 cookies. 3 of them are on the table. How many are in the bag?


There are 7 blue and red rings. 2 rings are red. How many rings are blue?


There are 9 children. 4 of them are boys. How many girls are there?


Write the number that tells how many ducks are still in the water.


Complete the following: When I take apart 9, I get 5 and .


A cube train has 8 cubes. If 5 of them are red, how many green cubes are there?


There are 8 cars, 5 of which are small cars. How many big cars are there?


Chloe has 7 dolls.

She puts her dolls into two boxes.

Complete the following sentence: There are 3 dolls in one box and dolls in the other.

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